carrer success tips

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Carrer Success Tips

A career coach gives advice to help you land your dream job.
1. Online Networking
Use resources like Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with people in your field. Just be sure to keep the unprofessional aspects of your personal life out of your profile. And remember that social networking is like a cocktail party: If you talk only about yourself and your accomplishments, youll bore people. Start a dialogue.
2. Networking in Person
Shy, Dont be defeated by networking. Set goals for yourself at networking events, and your skills will improve with time. Fortunately for you, being a good listener is an asset in networking, so make your introverted personality your advantage.
3. Stand out
An important question to keep in mind as you write your resume is What did I accomplish in this job that someone else wouldnt have, Thinking about the answer to that will give you some great talking points for your interview, as well.
4. Be Discreet
If youre looking for a job while youre already working, let recruiters know that discretion is key. You can use an offer to negotiate within your own company, but be prepared: Some employers do not take kindly to your interviewing with another company, and you could lose your current job.
5. Beware of Blunders
The most common pitfalls in resume writing: not being specific about accomplishments, being too wordy, including a generic objective statement, and keeping college accomplishments on your resume for too long. And watch the small stuff, like typos in your correspondence with the hiring manager. Tiny mistakes can mean the difference between an interview and a rejection.
6. Phone Prep
If your interview will be conducted over the phone, keep your resume and a list of talking points in front of you and a pen and paper handy to take notes. To make your voice clear and strong, stand up and smile while you speak. Some people find it helps to look at themselves in the mirror while they speak, but practice with a friend first to see what is best for you.
7. Interview Info
Do your research on the company beforehand, and come prepped with a few questions. Ask for the name of your interviewer, and research his or her background online. Then, when the interview is over, send a thank you note immediately.
8. Straight Talk
When asked about your weaknesses, dont pretend you have none or that your biggest weakness is perfectionism. Its a good way to get an eye roll from your interviewer. Think about your weaknesses before the interview, and how you are able to overcome them, so youre prepared for this common interview question.
9. Keep Anxiety at Bay
The wait to find out if you got the job can be interminable, and its tempting to call and E mail the hiring manager to check in. But a single thank you note, and patience, are recommended instead.
10. Accept the Job with Class
If you get the job, its tempting to celebrate your new move, but now is not the time to burn your bridges. Leave your current job with grace, and youll be able to keep your old coworkers in your network. Give notice according to your company policy, and volunteer to help find and train your replacement. Finish your projects, and organize all of your loose ends so your coworkers can take over with ease. Work up until your last day.

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