car maintenance

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Car Maintenance

Best expert advice, amazing tricks, and car care tips to extend the life of your dream car.
1. Check the tyre condition
In winter season, the old and overused tyres get cracked that low downs the tyre grip and stability. Also ensure that you never over inflate the tyres as it might damage the tyres. The tyre pressure should be lower than the tyre pressure that you inflate in summers. Suppose in summer season, the tyre pressure of your car is 35 then your tyre pressure in winter should be 30.
2. Replace the wipers
Wipers play a vital role while driving in winters. When you drive in a chilly season the windshield of the car gets choked with fog which distracts the road visibility. To clean the windshield, wipers are used and if the wipers are quite old, they might not clean the windshield thoroughly. Therefore, it is advisable to get the car wipers replaced before the arrival of winter.
3. Inspect the windshield washer fluid of your car
To clean the fog, not only wipers play an important role, but also the windshield washer fluid has it own importance. Generally, the windshield washing fluid is used in excess by the users to keep the windshield shining and sparkling. You must check the availability of washing fluid in the car as it might be used to remove snow or fog along with the wipers.
4. Inspect the radiator and antifreeze
The cars these days have the anti-freeze and coolant added in them that allows the engine to maintain a normal temperature during hot and chilly seasons. Always ensure that the antifreeze solution has 50: 50 mix of water and antifreeze solution. This solution enters into the radiator which stabilizes the engine temperature.
5. Check Engine oil periodically
Internal parts of a car including the parts of engine and suspension systems start getting wear and tear over a period of time. Thus, changing the engine oil as per schedule prevents these parts from catching the dirt or metal particles so that the crucial parts of the engine can work smoothly without generating excessive heat.
6. Check Your Battery
You should always check or test your battery before leaving for a long journey.The battery should be cleaned regularly by removing the clamps, grease and dirt from the terminal panel. Even a thin layer of dirt can discharge the battery by conducting electricity.
7. Checkup the Fluid Levels of Battery
The Fluid levels of the battery should be maintained by checking-it-up regularly. If the level has gone below the required mark than you should add some more distilled water.
8. Go easy with acceleration
It's important to accelerate gently and better don't make use of it unnecessarily. Basically, hard and unnecessary use of acceleration eats fuel by over 35% and therefore it's recommended to go easy and slow for enhancing fuel efficiency
9. Avoiding too much use of clutch
If you are driving a car with manual transmission then one must keep in mind that driving a vehicle with clutch pressed absorbs more fuel. Too much use of clutch not only cosumes more fuel but also damages the clutch plates.
10. Try to maintain the speed constant
It's advisable to make the use of cruise control feature. If the speeds are kept constant, it will definitely improve the fuel mileage of the vehicle by almost 14%. On the contrary, a fluctuating speed can drain fuel from your car's tank

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