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identifying the reasons to change, and reinforcing your commitment to be confident.

If you head towards your goal with courage and determination, all the powers of the universe will come to your aid. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Determination is perhaps the quality that underpins all success. No one gets very far without it. If you've lacked confidence for years it won't change overnight without determination on your part.

Every choice you make including the choice to become more confident is a result of weighing up the balance of 'pleasure'and 'pain'. When faced with a decision, you consciousIy or subconsciously weigh up the alternatives and their consequences. You ask yourself:

1. What are the advantages of pursuing this course of action? If I go ahead, what will be the probable rewards? How much 'pleasure'will it bring? Are there any disadvantages? How much 'pain'?
2. If I do not go ahead, how much 'pain'will I avoid? And how much 'pleasure'am I likely to forego?

For example, learning a new skill potentially brings many future benefits, but may involve short-term sacrifices, especially the time and effort you put in. But as long as you keep in mind the advantages that will come your way, your determination remains strong. Anything is possible if you have enough reasons to change.

It only takes 30 days to lay the foundations for lasting change in your thinking, your behaviour and your life.

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