best street artists in the world

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Best Street Artists In The World

Best Street Artists In The World
1. ROA Ghent Belgium
This Belgian street artist has specialized in depicting local animals in a very distinguishable way. He uses a limited color palette and commonly works with huge formats. Hes quite a globetrotter, so its probable that one of his pieces is not very far away from you right now. The image above is from a collaboration with Argentine street artist Ever.
2. Gaia New York City
Born in New York City, Gaia helped the Baltimore street art scene by organizing Open Walls Baltimore. He uses his murals as a bridge to connect with the community hosting them; this particular feature has given him a lot of critical recognition. Animal faces and human hands are common in all of his murals.
3. spY Madrid Spain
spYs usage of different media has helped in the dissociation between street art and graffiti. He uses common urban elements in unexpected ways, which is characteristically ironic.
4. Natalia Rak Poland
Natalia is from Poland; she graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Lodz, and has made quite an impression in the world of street art over the last couple of years. Her murals explore the female figure in dreamlike colorful environments.
5. Oakoak Saint Etienne France
This French artist has specialized in small urban interventions that mix common landscape accidents with pop culture symbols. His work may not be the most visually impressive out there, but its really clever and hilarious.
6. Vhils Lisbon Portugal
He does portraits, but he prefers using chisels and power drills rather than brushes and paint. This Portuguese carves his work on walls and the results are fucking amazing. Talk about innovation in street art techniques!
7. ETAM Cru Poland
Bezt and Sainer, better known as ETAM Cru, are a Polish duo that rose to fame because of the monumental size of their murals. Their work features folk icons from Eastern Europe and relies on heavily stylized human figures, HUGE human figures. The internet loves them and you will, too.
8. Swoon New London Connecticut
The most famous wheat paster in the world of street art, Swoons work has inspired a whole generation of artists. Her life sized paper cutouts of human figures are extremely detailed and they go through different stages as they decay due to their ephemeral nature.
9. INTI Valparaiso Chile
One of the big names in Latin Americas street art scene, INTI comes from Chile and his murals are now world famous. He integrates local elements into surreal characters seamlessly, creating a very personal style. Some claim that, because of the quality of his work, INTI should transcend the street artist label and be considered a modern muralist.
10. NEVERCREW Lugano Switzerland
Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni form this Swiss street artist duo. If you are into dreamlike characters, vibrant colors and whales, youre gonna love these guys.

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