best flirting tips

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Best Flirting Tips

Flirtings a language and just like with any other language, no ones born a fluent flirt.
1. Compare her to art
The best way to flirt with a girl is to strike a chord with her feminine side. You can start the conversation by displaying your soft nature. You could begin by letting her know that her flowing tresses remind you of certain lines of a popular painting. An artistic comparison speaks a great about your personality as well. You will seem like an intellectual who is both creative and original. However, be warned that you do not get into the technical aspects of the painting, otherwise the conversation could yield negative results. For instance, telling her the phase that she resembles Picassos works from cubism may produce undesirable outcome.
2. The Power of Eye Contact
Indeed, the power of eye contact cannot be underestimated. This mode of flirting is otherwise also called as an eye smile. The eye smile involves giving a provocative look to the intended person. However, it is much more than just a routine smile since the eye smile also lays stress on the fact that you communicate your intentions nonverbally. This method is very much apt and helps convey your feelings in a manner that even a thousand introductory phrases fail to do. Hence, it is a very safe bet. Yet, prior to trying this technique, it is better if you engage in a practice session first because an overintense gaze can do more damage than a stupid conversation starter.
3. Great Tip For Flirting Pay An Original Compliment
Women love it when they get a compliment from a man. But they are quite wary of the deadbeat lines ones that they might have heard of or sound too cheesy. If you are looking to please a woman you have a secret crush on, your best bet with the compliments would be to pay an original one. Think out of the box, think creatively and say something nice about the lady in question that no one else would have ever spoken about. You could perhaps compliment her shoulders or her perfume. But be careful to talk about only those areas you are confident of or else your plan will only backfire on you.
4. Remember every detail
Women love it when their man pays close attention to them. If they find the attention getting diverted, a bout of argument would not be far off. So, if you are flirting with a woman, be very careful to note every detail of her appearance, right from her features to her physique and from her outfit to her accessories. Dont miss out even an earring and the color of her lips. When you make a mental note of all her details, you get to know what you can gift her on occasions. And when you gift her so, she will feel highly touched and will reward you in return with a shower of unexpected love
5. Give her space
One big tip while flirting with a girl is to give her due space. You might feel that the moment is opportune to ask for her phone number. But if you do ask and she refuses do not at any cost force her into giving it. Men who are too forceful on a woman are big turnoffs for the latter. Especially, the modern woman does not want her man to dictate terms and coerce her into doing things. So give her the space she desires and in return you will also get the space and time you want. After all, when the respect is mutual, the relationship is bound to go forward.
6. Be articulate
Women want their men to be knowledgeable, perhaps more than them to, even if they do not openly admit to it. So if you want to impress the woman of your dreams, learn to be eloquent. This means you should show her that you know more than a thing or two about say, literature, technology, current affairs and many more topics. This will make her look up with respect at you. One important tip when you try to be as articulate as possible, do not go overboard or your lady might just bust all your unnecessarily extra efforts Just be genuine in your efforts and you are sure to be rewarded.
7. Have original jokes
This is a known fact women fall for men who can make them laugh. So, if you can dish out a handful of jokes out of the blue in front of your crush, know that half the battle is already won. Just be careful to ensure that the jokes are truly laughable and on a universal topic. Steer clear from doublemeaning and Xrated jokes, for while these might bring out a belly full of laughter among the boys, chances are that they will only turn of the girl. When you make her laugh, things will quickly become casual between you too and perhaps pave the way for a strongerthanjustfriendship bond.
8. Relax
If you are planning to take a mere acquaintance forward and turn it into a relationship, first and foremost, both of you have to be comfortable with each other. As nature would have it, women tend to find it more difficult to relax in front of a new man. So be manly and work towards making her feel as relaxed as possible when with you. Talk about general topics, share a few chuckles and importantly, try to get to know who she really is. Also, keep away from any related talks. If the conversation does veer toward that, then make sure that it is she who started it.
9. Make her feel happy
Making your crush feel happy when with you should be your first priority if you wish to take the relationship forward. The reason why this is so important is because when you make her feel happy, it instantly makes her feel warm about you. Your girl will automatically become friendlier with you and open up about at least a few of her inner secrets. Gently nudge her into talking about things that make her happy. It could be anything right from exotic vacations to everyday eats. This way you can quickly get into her good books and ask for her phone number.
10. Make her feel like the only one
The way the man is holding his lady love from behind in this image must surely mean the world for the woman, if her bright and toothy grin is anything to go by. So if you are looking to take the relationship forward with your crush, make sure you too make your girl feel special even if it is at the cost of ignoring everyone and everything else in the room. Compliment her openly, do small things for her, pay attention to her every detail appearancewise and rest assured that you girl will be left feeling that she was made only for you.

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