benefits of ugli fruits

Ugli Duckling

Benefits of Ugli fruits

Ugli Duckling
This makes an ideal change for a Sunday roast and requires very few ingredients. Duck, Ugli tangelo, Cointreau, a little salt and watercress for garnish is all that is required. Simple but delicious! The juice may also be sweetened with brown sugar or honey. They may also be used to make souffls and ice creams. The segments of this fruit may also be used to make salads. It may also be used as a topping for cheesecake. The juice and peel can be used together to create fantastic marmalades.

Ugli Fruit Pictures
Lowers blood pressure
Ugli fruits
Purchasing Tips for Buying Ugli Fruit
Helps Lower Blood Pressure
Ugli Duckling
A fruit of ugli fruit
Celery Root
Low in calories
Ugli Fruit Uses
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