benefits of tamarillo fruits

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Benefits of Tamarillo fruits


The Tamarillo belongs to the solanaceaes family. This fruit is oval shaped, it is 79cm long and 100 to 150gr in weight. The crust is smooth, thin and red. The exterior part of the pulp is firm and fleshy. In the centre, the fruit has a soft and jelly like texture with small edible seeds. The crust is a little bitter but the pulp has a pleasant bittersweet flavour.

Tamarillos can be eaten raw
Uses in Cooking
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Its Gastronomical Uses and Storing
How to Open and Cut
Other benefits of Tamarillo
Very low calorie fruits
For smooth skin
Good amount of protein
Importance of pruning
This Dutch eggplant juice from Indonesia
Side effects of tamarillo
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