benefits of tamarillo fruits

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Benefits of Tamarillo fruits

41. Benefits of tamarillo seed oil
Tamarillo seed oil is potential source of essential fatty acids and has applications in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Analysis of fatty acids present in tamarillo seeds show that it contains more than 70% of linoleic acid and 15% of oleic acid. High quantity of polyunsaturated fatty acid in tamarillo seed oil mainly from linoleic acid and linolenic acid has potential benefits to body. PUFA are also helpful for skin and heart. The composition is very much comparable togrape seed oil.
42. Other benefits of Tamarillo
With its Vitamin C content, it can offer benefits in treating colds, sore throats and other respiratory disorders. It help in improving immunity of body and protects from various infections. Tamarillo can replace tomato in almost any recipe. Use peeled tamarillos for tomato sauce, salsas, curries; baked or grilled like vegetables. A tamarillo salad can be made by marinating the fruit in a vinaigrette for about 2 hours. This fruit is a great accompaniment for fish, meat, poultry and pairs well with creamy sauces. For dessert it is often poached, pureed and used to flavor ice cream, sorbet or yogurt. Tamarillo has a high pectin content and makes good jam or chutney.
43. Side effects of tamarillo
While it is widely used as food ingredient, tamarillo fruit in rare events may cause serious allergy and respiratory problems in people prone to allergy from other plants in its family like tomato, eggplant and tomatillo. tamarillo is inedible and needs to be pilled with a knife. If you are going to cook this fruit, first blanch it in boiling water then shock in ice water, to make the skins easier to remove. Be careful with tamarillo juice as it leaves indelible stains on clothing.
44. Healthy way of eating tamarillo
The fruit is often given temperature shock
45. Tamarillo shake
Tamarillo shake made from blending the cut fruit flesh in milk, sugar and ice is considered refreshing beverage in South America. Tamarillo sauce is used as replacement to tomato sauce. It can be used in almost all recipes where tomatos are used. With its high pectin content, it makes good ketchup, jam or chutney.Tamarillo chutneyfrom New Zealand are popular these days. Use it in your green vegan salads or in sandwich or other desserts.Tamarillo jellytastes great with ice creams. Tree tomatos offer color to your vegetable stews, pastas or other dishes. Just like berries, it can be used in making pie.
46. Tamarillo Muffins recipe
Preheat the oven to 200
47. This Dutch eggplant juice from Indonesia
Take 100 grams each of dutch eggplant, red wind and plain yogurt each. Add condensed milk or honey as per flavor. Blend all ingredient into blender and puree. Pour in serving glass. Add more red wine or honey a per taste. The red fruit contain the most lycopene, which is found in watermelons and tomatoes, and gives them their red colour, while the yellow and orange ones typically contain the most betacarotene. Lycopene is associated with prostate health, so the red, tarter tamarillos are good to help prevent prostate problems.
The tamarillo or tree tomato originates in South America, probably in the Peruvian Andes, although this is not certain, as it is a cultivated plant and not found in the wild. It is called the tree tomato because of its fruit which do look like plum tomatoes. The tamarillo got this name when it was taken to New Zealand in 1891. The name is from the Spanish for yellow, amarillo and thet is for tomato. It is a member of the Solanaceae family so is a relative of the tomato, aubergine, tomatillo, nipple fruit, Cape gooseberry and Belladonna or deadly nightshade. It is also sometimes called the tomarillo and has other Latin synonyms too, including Solanum betaceumCav. Cyphomandra hartwegiSendt and is one of thirty Cyphomandra species.
49. Tamarillos can be eaten raw
Tamarillos can be eaten raw, scooped out of their skins, or cooked and used in stews and sauces; you can substitute them for tomatoes in hot chilli sauces. They can also be baked or grilled and can be sprinkled with sugar to make them taste sweeter. They are high in pectin, so are ideal for making jam and can also be pickled or used to make chutneys the red ones are generally best for this. They can be eaten with ice cream, or made into a compote and grilled, go well with meat, chicken or fish as a side vegetable. You can make a refreshing drink by peeling them (put them in boiling water for a few minutes, then dip them in cold, as you would a tomato), then adding sugar and water.
50. Tamarillos contain vitamins
Tamarillos contain vitamins A, C, and some of the Bcomplex vitamins, as well as the minerals phosphorous (a lot of phosphorous is in the seeds), calcium, iron, magnesium, and sodium. The anthocyanins contained in the darker tamarillos especially, are also found in cranberries, red cabbage, black grapes, blackberries, bilberries and blueberries and have potent antioxidant properties (as do the vitamins tamarillos contain), which help combat scavenging freeradicals which can cause cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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