benefits of grapes

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Benefits of Grapes

81. Regulates Periods
Irregular and scanty menses is a common problem that women usually face during the early years of puberty or during the menopausal phase. To get rid of this problem, take equal quantity of grapes juice, honey and crushed dry dates and consume it daily on empty stomach for a month.
82. Maintains Bone Strength
Grapes juice is an abundant source of copper, iron and manganese. These micro nutrients play a huge role in the formation of bones and maintaining their strength. So to ensure that you have a healthy bone density, include grape juice in your diet.
83. Instant Energy Booster
These grapes particularly have really high iron content in them along with flavonoids which are very powerful antioxidants. Lack of iron and antioxidants can cause fatigue, head ache, sluggishness and also affect other bodily functions. So opt for it to a get instant boost of energy.
84. Resveratrol
This is one of several grape phytonutrients that is believed to affect longevity, because of its effect in slowing oxidization of cells and molecules, a property that also offers protection against degenerative conditions like cancer. Grape skins, grape seeds and grape flesh, all have high concentrations of this phytonutrient.
85. Quercitin
This is another phytonutrient present in grapes that has been found to demonstrate antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties. Research also indicates that this particular property could lower the risks of developing a blood clot.
86. High Flavonoid Content
Flavonoids dont just lend grapes their great taste, but they also are responsible for most of the health benefits. The color and juiciness of the grapes derive from these nutrients, which are phytochemicals. So, higher the flavonoid content, the darker and juicier the quality of the grapes. Correspondingly, black grapes are believed to be the healthiest.
87. Cardiac Health
The cardiac health benefits of black grapes are probably most noteworthy, as studies indicate that they can drastically reduce heart disease risks. Research at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center suggests that grapes can be used to treat as well as prevent heart diseases. These benefits can be traced to the action of the phytochemicals in grapes that actually trigger a protective process in certain genes, reducing damage to the heart muscles.
88. Grape seeds
Grape seeds, peel and pedicles contain phytoestrogens, which can efficiently protect women above 45 from atherosclerosis. This has been experimentally proved by specialists of the Research Institute of Physicochemical Medicine (Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation), Research Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences), Institute of Experimental Cardiology (Russian Cardiological Scientific Production Complex, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation), Institute of Atherosclerosis (Russian Academy of Natural Sciences).
89. Reducing edema swelling
Taking grape seed extract can help reduce the swelling that occurs after an injury or surgery. A doubleblind, placebocontrolled study found that breast cancer patients who took 600 mg of grape seed extract every day for 6 months had less edema compared to those on placebo.
90. Grape seed extract and Th2 immunity
The two major parts of our immune system are the Th1 and Th2 systems. It is essential that these systems are both working in a balanced and coordinated manner. Many individuals have a dominance in one of the major pathways.

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