benefits of grapefruits

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Benefits of Grapefruits

81. Cleanser
Grapefruit peels contain the enzyme bromelain. Bromelain is a protein digesting enzyme that helps cleanse the skin by gently removing the older, upper layers of your skin. Rub the inside of the peel against your face as a cleanser. While removing older skin cells, the pH of your skin will also be balanced. This promotes softer, smoother skin that looks younger and fresher. After using grapefruit peel on the skin, its important to wear sunscreen as your skin may be particularly sensitive to the sun.
82. Anti inflammatory and Antiseptic
Grapefruit peels are a powerful antiinflammatory. Grapefruit peels can be used to help reduce itching from skin conditions such a psoriasis. In addition, rubbing grapefruit peels over mosquito bites or inflamed skin can provide relief. The antiseptic properties of grapefruit peel can be used on cuts or scrapes. Using grapefruit peels will help protect against infection and tetanus.
83. Combat Oily Skin
While a proper skin care routine is in order to fight back against a constantly oily face, you can use grapefruits natural astringent properties to clear toxins from your skin and halt oil production and acne. A face wash or toner is all you need to do the trick.
84. Remove Buildup on Hair
With all of the products we use to achieve the perfect blow out, it is no wonder that over time our hair can seem damaged and dull. When chemicals from our water or styling products begin to weigh you down and threatenlonglasting hair color, its time to strip your strands. Grapefruit on your hair will banish the parabens and waxes that are leaving your locks limp. It will also brighten your color a teeny bit, almost giving you highlights.
85. Protect Your Lips
Our lips need protection from the elements, from ourselves (from licking them too much) and from the products we wear. Using grapefruit essential oils on your lips can prep your pout for wearing dark lipstick, act as a barrier between your lips and the sun and nourish your delicate skin. Applying a lip balm daily with grapefruit as an ingredient is your ticket.

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