benefits of cherry

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Pain Relief and Bone Health

Benefits of Cherry

Pain Relief and Bone Health

Cherries contain substances known as anthocyanins purple and blue pigments that give the cherries their color. These compounds reduce pain related to inflammation, according to the NYU Langone Medical Center. Cherries are also used to relieve the pain associated with arthritis and gout, though the extent to which they relieve pain needs further investigation. Cherries also contain boron, which helps increase bone health when consumed in conjunction with magnesium and calcium.

Cherries reduce inflammation
neural protection
Help Fight Cancer and Disease
Help Cure Migraines
How do we store cherries
Red Cherries for cardiovascular health
Good for skin lightening
Cherries cut your chance of getting gout
Ease aching joints
Multivitamin dose
Red Cherries for younger looking skin
Antioxidants Repair Our Bodies
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