benefits of cherry

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Cherries make for a sweet snack

Benefits of Cherry

Cherries make for a sweet snack

Cherries make for a sweet snack and at just less than 100 calories and half a gram of fat per serving they fit into a healthconscious diet. Because cherries have such a sweet flavor, they make a healthy substitute for snacks such as candy or cakes. Cherries also make an excellent ingredient for a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Cherries combat postworkout soreness
Etymology and antiquity
Weight Loss
Eliminate Oxidative Stress and Prevent Premature Aging
Red Cherry benefits for hair
Cherries are pigment rich fruits
Red Cherries for acne and other skin other skin problems
Cherries protect against oxidative stress
Rich in anthocyanins
Helps Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease
Cherries reduce inflammation
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