benefits of cabbage

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Tips for Preparing Cabbage

Benefits of Cabbage

Tips for Preparing Cabbage

Cabbage is usually clean since the outer leaves protect it, you still may want to clean it. Remove the thick fibrous outer leaves and cut the cabbage into pieces and then wash under running water. If you notice any signs of worms or insects, which sometimes appears in cabbage, soak the head in salt water or vinegar water for 1520 minutes first. To preserve its vitamin C content, cut and wash the cabbage right before cooking or eating it. Since phytonutrients in the cabbage react with carbon steel and turn the leaves black, use a stainless steel knife to cut.

Blood Pressure
Botanical nameBrassica oleracea
Sulfur prevents acne
Proper skin care
Skin Care and Premature Aging
Good source of folates
Helps prevent cancer
Other benefits of Cabbage
Helps in treatment of peptic ulcers
Brain Health
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