benefits of cabbage

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Proper skin care

Benefits of Cabbage

Proper skin care

It is very rich in antioxidants whichprotect the skinfrom free radicals responsible for the signs of ageing. Vitamin C degrades rapidly when it is exposed to water, light, heat and air. Maximize the amount you receive by storing cabbage in a cool, dark place and using it within three to four days of purchase. Slice cabbage only just before eating and avoid boiling as a preparation method. Instead, eat cabbage raw, slightly sauteed or steamed.

Digestive Tract Support
Helps in treatment of peptic ulcers
Excellent source of fiber
Provides relief from sore muscles
Cabbage is in season
Cleansing property
Ideal forweight loss
Breast engorgement
Helps keep blood pressure from getting high
Assists in weight loss
High insulfur the beautifying mineral
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