benefits of cabbage

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How to Select

Benefits of Cabbage

How to Select

Choose cabbage heads that are firm and dense with shiny, crisp, colorful leaves free of cracks, bruises, and blemishes. Severe damage to the outer leaves is suggestive of worm damage or decay that may reside in the inner core as well. There should be only a few outer loose leaves attached to the stem. If not, it may be an indication of undesirable texture and taste. Avoid buying precut cabbage, either halved or shredded, since once cabbage is cut, it begins to lose its valuable vitamin C content.

Antiinflammatory and Blood Sugar Regulator
Bone Health
The Healthiest Way of Cooking Cabbage
InDepth Nutritional Profile
Cleansing property
Other benefits of Cabbage
Healing properties
Prevents hair loss
Skin Care and Premature Aging
Deficiency of Sulphur
Cabbage Caution
Red Cabbage
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