benefits of cabbage

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Digestive Tract Support

Benefits of Cabbage

Digestive Tract Support

Longestablished in health research is the role of cabbage juice in helping heal stomach ulcers (called peptic ulcers), but more recent studies on cabbage have looked at the overall health benefits of this food for the stomach and digestive tract as a whole. Presentday studies make it clear that cabbage contains a variety of nutrients of potential benefit to our stomach and intestinal linings. These nutrients include glucosinolates (and the antiinflammatory isothiocyanates or ITCs made from them), antioxidant polyphenols, and the amino acidlike substance called glutamine. In the case of ITCs, digestive tract benefits include proper regulation of bacterial populations of Helicobacter pylori inside the stomach. These bacteria are normal stomach inhabitants, but their populations can become too large and they can latch onto the stomach lining in an undesirable way. The ITCs made from cabbages glucosinolates can lower the risk of these unwanted stomach events.

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Other benefits of Cabbage
Red Cabbage
It is a brain food
Nutritional Benefits
Reduces risk of Alzheimers disease
Good source of folates
Cabbage Caution
Smooth and healthy hair
Sulfur prevents acne
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