benefits of cabbage

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Cabbage is great for your waistline

Benefits of Cabbage

Cabbage is great for your waistline

Cabbage is very low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and is a good source of fiber. Are you trying to maintain a healthy weight? Try adding cabbage into a mixed green salad. It will help fill you up, keep you regular, and fits into the zerocalorie group. I love to make a salad of shredded Napa cabbage, which has a sweet, crunchy celery flavor. Add a spoonful of rice wine vinegar, a few drops of sesame oil, some toasted sesame seeds, and a handful of edamame.

Digestive Tract Support
Muscle Aches
Eliminates the risk of cataract
Helps in treatment of peptic ulcers
Health Benefits
Cabbage for headaches
Blood Pressure
Green Cabbage
Cardiovascular Support
Provides relief from sore muscles
Antiinflammatory and Blood Sugar Regulator
Cabbage is anything but boring
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