benefits of cabbage

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Benefits of Cabbage

61. Reduces risk of Alzheimers disease
The latest research states that consuming cabbage, especially the red ones, can prevent Alzheimers. Vitamin K that is widely found in cabbage is responsible for this. When cabbage is chewed and digested, the glucosinolates break down into indole and isothiocyanate compounds. According to the National Cancer Institute, these two compounds may act as powerful antioxidants that might help prevent cancer by inhibiting the growth and migration of tumor cells and by triggering the death of potentially cancerous cells.
62. Helps in treatment of peptic ulcers
Peptic or stomach ulcers are healed by consumption of cabbage. Its juice has anti ulcer properties owing to its high content of glutamine. Vitamin K is fatsoluble and cannot be absorbed by the intestines unless it is accompanied by a source of dietary fat. Try serving steamed cabbage with grilled chicken or lean steak, or tossing shredded cabbage with an olive oilbased dressing and seasonings to make a warm slaw.
63. Assists in weight loss
It is considered to be the best dish for those who constantly watch their weight. An entire cup of cooked cabbage contains merely 33 calories. Thus, a diet of cabbage soup would mean endless bowls with absolutely no weight gain.
64. Provides relief from constipation
Proper digestion is facilitated due to the high fiber content in it. This helps in providing relief from constipation. cabbage one of the best overall sources of dietary fiber, adding that a diet that incorporates plenty of fiberrich foods may also help prevent cancer, obesity, heart disease, hemorrhoids, constipation and diverticulosis.
65. Proper skin care
It is very rich in antioxidants whichprotect the skinfrom free radicals responsible for the signs of ageing. Vitamin C degrades rapidly when it is exposed to water, light, heat and air. Maximize the amount you receive by storing cabbage in a cool, dark place and using it within three to four days of purchase. Slice cabbage only just before eating and avoid boiling as a preparation method. Instead, eat cabbage raw, slightly sauteed or steamed.
66. Provides relief from sore muscles
Lactic acid present in it is known to provide effective relief from sore muscles. Cabbage contains a high concentration of nutrients that support the health and function of every major physiological system. These nutrients include vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin K and the sulfurcontaining antioxidant compounds known as glucosinolates.
67. Stomach and intestinal tracts
The high sulphur, chlorine and iodine content in cabbage have the significant ability in cleansing the mucus membranes in the tracts. Pests are common in cabbage. Conventionally grown heads may be subjected to insecticide sprays to avoid pest infestation. Therefore, wash thoroughly in cold running water, then soak in saline water for about 30 minutes. Then again give a gentle wash in clean water in order to remove dust, pests, eggs/ova/cysts and any residual insecticides.
68. Consumption Tips
Cabbage is easier to digest in its raw fresh form than when cooked. The longer it is cooked, the less digestible it becomes. Cabbage sprouts are delicate and easier to digest, and they also contain higher levels of nutrients.
69. Caution
Raw cabbage juice may be unpalatable for some people, but the health benefits of its raw state is immense. You can also use the purple cabbage as they are the sweeter variety. To make it easier on the taste buds, mix your cabbage juice with any of these: carrot, green apple, celery, cucumber, spinach or even a slice of lemon (with peel). See how to make a greattasting cabbage juice that is very healing for peptic ulcer.
70. Immune system
A compound called histidine in cabbage is found to be useful in treating allergies and regulating the Tcells in our immune systems. Cabbage is a coolseason crop. In the US supermarkets, however one may find them a year around. While buying, choose fresh, compact, firm, mediumsize head heavy for its size.

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