benefits of broccoli

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Benefits of Broccoli

31. Anti Aging and Immune System Health
Sulforaphane also seems to stimulate a variety of antioxidant defense pathways in your body that can directly reduce oxidative stress and slow down the decline in your immune system that happens with age.7 In theory, this means that eating vegetables that contain sulforaphane, such as broccoli, could quite literally slow down the hands of time.
32. How to Grow Your Own Broccoli Sprouts
Broccoli sprouts look and taste similar to alfalfa sprouts, and are easily grown at home, even if youre limited on space. I strongly recommend using organic seeds, and a pound of seeds will probably make over 10 pounds of sprouts. From the researchers calculations mentioned earlier, this can translate to as much cancer protecting phytochemicals as 1,000 pounds (half a ton) of broccoli!
33. Broccoli Is Only One Superstar Veggie
Theres no doubt that broccoli is a vegetable you should strive to eat frequently, but like most foods if you eat it too often you may grow tired of it or even develop an aversion to it. Fortunately, you dont have to because there are so many vegetables to choose from that you cant possibly get tired of them. My best recommendation is to eat a variety of vegetables each day. My Recommended Vegetables List provides a guide to the most nutritious vegetables and those to limit due to their high carbohydrate content. You can also get creative with how you consume them, alternating whole vegetables with freshly prepared vegetable juice and fermented vegetables.
34. Health Benefits of Broccoli
Broccolis noteworthy nutrients include vitamin C, vitamin A (mostly as beta carotene), folic acid, calcium, and fiber. While the calcium content of one serving doesnt equal that of a glass of milk, broccoli is an important calcium source for those who dont consume dairy products. Calcium does more than build strong bones. Research shows that this mineral may play a role in the control of high blood pressure, and it may work to prevent colon cancer.
35. WHFoods Recommendations
Studies have shown that even kids like broccoli and one way to ensure that they enjoy it is to cook it properly by using our Healthy Steaming method. Overcooked broccoli becomes soft and mushy, an indication that it has lost both nutrients and flavor. Begin by cutting broccoli florets into quarters and let sit for several minutes before cooking to enhance its health promoting benefits. Steam for 5 minutes. See Healthiest Way of Cooking Broccoli below.
36. Cruciferous vegetables
Broccoli as one of the cruciferous vegetables you eat on a regular basis if you want to receive the fantastic health benefits provided by the cruciferous vegetable family. At a minimum, include cruciferous vegetables as part of your diet 2 3 times per week, and make the serving size at least 1 1/2 cups. Even better from a health standpoint, enjoy broccoli and other vegetables from the cruciferous vegetable group 4 5 times per week, and increase your serving size to 2 cups.
37. Broccoli Can Enhance Detoxification
Most toxins that pose a risk to our cells must be detoxified in our body by a 2 step process. Whats remarkable about broccoli is its ability to alter activity in both of these two detox steps. Isothiocyanates (ITCs) made from the glucosinolates in broccoli are well documented modifiers of the first step in detoxification (called Phase I). In fact, some ITCs like sulforaphane can actually help shut down the genetic machinery that produces certain Phase I enzymes. ITCs are equally capable of altering the activity of enzymes involved in the second step of detoxification (called Phase II). From research in the field of genetics, we know that ITCs can help bridge gaps in Phase II activity when it is insufficient.
38. Broccoli and Digestive Support
The digestive support provided by broccoli falls into two basic categories: fiber support, and ITC (isothiocyanate) support. At approximately 1 gram of dietary fiber for every 10 calories, you dont have to eat much broccoli to get a large amount of your daily requirement! For 100 calories
39. Broccoli and Cardiovascular Support
Although research in this area is still in the early stages, anti inflammatory substances found in cruciferous vegetables are becoming the topic of increasing interest with respect to heart disease. One particular focus here involves the anti inflammatory properties of sulforaphane, one of the isothiocyanates (ITCs) derived from the glucoraphanin in broccoli. In some individuals susceptible to high blood sugar, sulforaphane may be able to prevent (or even reverse) some of the damage to blood vessel linings that can be cause by chronic blood sugar problems.
40. Other Health Benefits Provided by Broccoli
Three other areas of health benefits are important to mention when considering broccoli and its unique combination of nutrients. The first area is eye health. Two carotenoids found in significant concentrations in broccoli

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