benefits of bitter gourd

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Benefits of Bitter Gourd

61. Bitter gourd leaves
Fresh juice of bitter gourd leaves can be used to treat cholera in early stages. It is the good source of vitamin K which helps in strengthening bone, blood clotting mechanism and boosting anti inflammatory property. It makes skin smooth and bright by pro
62. Strengthen your immune system
Bitter Gourd juice in the morning can help to strengthen your immune system and increase your bodys fighting power against infection. bitter gourd (melon) is the secret of the Okinawa Islander longevity! Although, the bitterness of this gourd might turn
63. High amount of beta carotene
Bitter Gourd has high amount of beta carotene that helps alleviate eye problems and improving eyesight. Bitter melon is a temperate /tropical vegetable probably originated in South East Asia. Like other members of the Cucurbitaceae family, this plant is a
64. Health Benefits of Karela Juice on Digestive System
Karela contains anthelmintic or antihelminthic compounds. The properties that found in Karela are used to cure gastrointestinal diseases and the Karela juice kills parasitic worms that grow inside our body. It cures stomach problems because the properties
65. Bitter gourd juice or bitter melon juice
Kerala not only makes a delicious curry but also used for various medical purpose. In Africa and Asia people use Karela to treat stomach problems. They eat raw fruit or soak it in either olive oil or honey. Bitter melon is the immature pod vegetable, popu
66. Benefits of Karela Juice in Infections
Leaves of Karela are also cures some ailments. It prevents bacteria that cause malaria from growing. It also weakens some kind of viruses like measles, chickenpox, herpes and also deadly diseases like HIV. It slows down the growth of the bacteria and kill
67. Benefits of Karela Juice in Diabetes
Karela also considered as the best remedy for Diabetes. Small cup of Karela Juice increases insulin level in the body. The compound called charantin keeps the glucose low and controls sugar levels. It is a true friend for all diabetic patients, make a hab
68. Other Health Benefits of Kerala
Kerala also contains anti cancer properties. You can find two compounds in Kerala, a electrostatic acid which is found in seed and 15, 16 dihydroxy a eleostearic acid that is found in fruits of Kerala. It prevents cancerous cells and it is a good medicine
69. Bitter gourd encourages the liver
Bitter gourd encourages the liver to secrete more bile juices which are necessary for the metabolism of fats. Hence, if you are yearning for a perfect, slim figure, include loads of bitter gourd in your diet. The pods are characterized by smooth lengthwis
70. Improving the condition of psoriasis
Consuming bitter gourd juice on a regular basis aids in improving the condition of psoriasis and other infections of fungus, such as athletes foot and ringworm. Bitter gourd or Karela is also known as the bitter melon, bitter squash and etc has been name

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