beautiful glaciers in the world

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Beautiful Glaciers in the World

Beautiful Glaciers in the World
1. Jakobshavn Glacier Greenland
10% of Greenlands icebergs are produced by the Jakobshavn Glacier. Many of the icebergs (like that pictured above) are of massive proportion, reaching a kilometer in height.
2. Mendenhall Glacier Alaska
Located 12 miles from Juneau, Alaskas capital, Mendenhall Glacier is 12 miles long. More experienced climbers can ascend into the ice caves beneath the glacier.
3. Perito Moreno Glacier Argentina
One of the most visited attractions in Argentine Patagonia, the Perito Moreno Glacier is a short drive from El Calafate and is the third-largest reserve of fresh water in the world.
4. Matanuska Glacier Alaska
Alaska's Matanuska Glacier measures 27 miles in length and four miles in width, making it the largest glacier in the United States accessible by car.
5. Biafo Glacier Pakistan
Situated in the mountains of Pakistan, the Biafo Glacier is the worlds third-longest glacier outside of the polar regions, at 42 miles long.
6. Kaskawulsh Glacier Canada
The Kaskawulsh Glacier flows into the Yukon Territorys Kluane Lake, with 80% of the glaciers meltwater reaching the lake. The remaining 20% flows into the Pacific Ocean via the Kaskawulsh and Alsek Rivers.
7. Pastoruri Glacier Peru
The Pastoruri Glacier, located in the Andes, is popular with tourists, snowboarders, and ice climbers. 22% of Peruvian glaciers surface area has disappeared over the past 30 years.
8. Grey Glacier Chile
Part of the South Patagonian Ice Field and found in Torres del Paine National Park, the Grey Glacier (seen from space in the image above) flows into Grey Lake. The glacier measures 30 meters high and six kilometers wide.
9. Vatnajokull Iceland
Vatnajkull is the most voluminous glacier in Iceland
10. Margerie Glacier Alaska
Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, Alaskas Margerie Glacier is a tidewater glacier that measures 21 miles long. A study of Glacier Bays geology reported that the glacier contains significant copper deposits.

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