baskteball shoes of all time

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Baskteball Shoes Of All Time

Lately, professional athletes and their signature shoes have infiltrated the fashion world like a pl
1. Kevin Durant Nike Zoom
Kevin Durant is sold more shoes that anyone except Lebron James in 2015. Nikes REVOLUTION campaign has come and gone and Durant is still leading the way with his innovative styles. The KD 4 Nike Zoom was his first shoe to use Nikes hyperfuse construction which fuses three layers. Along with Durants signature logo on the heel, the left shoe says Hard Work and the right says Stay Focused.
2. Chris Paul
This was Chris Pauls 5th signature shoe and had special meaning to him. The shoe was designed for quicknes as it is lightweight. The laces tips have 336 his hometown area code on them and the upper has 61 cut outs in tribute to his grandfather who was murdered at age 61.
3. Penny Hardaway
Penny Hardaway came along at just the right time and Nike was quick to swoop him up. Michael Jordan had just retired in 1993 and Hardaway was given his own Nike Campaign as he appeared to be the next big thing, playing alongside Shaq. Nike put into motion a memorable commercial campaign with Spike Lee and Chris Rock starring as Lil Penny. The ads also starred Tyra Banks. Out of that campaign came this pair of shoes.
4. Paul George
This is the newest show on the list. There are already some amazing different colorways to the original as seen above. The shoe has dynamic flywire integrated with the laces help secure the foot inside the shoe. Anyone who has put a pair of these on will rave about the comfort and tremendous ankle support, This is the best basketball shoe so far in 2015.
5. Kobe Bryant
This edition of Kobes signature shoes were available for personal customization on NIKEid. The shoe presents the consumer with endless choices of color schemes and different ways to arrange those colors. There must be some absurd looking shoes out there. However the originals are tight.
6. Carmelo Anthony
This is the strongest shoe in Carmelo Anthonys line of Jumpman shoes. His shoes have always had the reputation for being very comfortable but the M8s took his style to new heights. The shoes were released upon his move to the New York Knicks, hence the original color scheme(top picture).
7. Tracy McGrady
Adidas T Mac 2 Tracy McGrady could have been a truly special player but never could get out of the first round of the playoffs. He did however put out a special pair of shoes in 2002. The Adidas T Mac 2s were all the hype in the early 2000s and worn by a number of players around the league, along with thousands of fans.
8. Gary Payton
Sole Collector collaborated with Nike Zoom Glove and Gary Payton to create Sonic Wave in 2013. The shoe is looks like it is straight from the Oregon Ducks line of Nike apparel but is a tribute to the Seattle Sonics. The shoes release was much anticipated and sold out in a matter of minutes in select malls around the country in 2013. Gary Payton was The Glove and these kicks have a glove layer for that very reason.
9. Derrick Rose
Derrick Roses 4.5 version are widely regarded as the best performing Adidas shoe of all time. They are designed for guards and are seriously impressive. The attention to detail on this one is crazy as they created a perfect shoe to play in.
10. Patrick Ewing
The Attitude was Ewings first signature shoe and was made with real leather in the upper. At the time it was a hi-tech performance shoe with a groundbreaking new look. This shoe was an instant classic on and off of the court. The Attitude was actually designed and Manufactured in France.

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