awesome things you should know before visiting london

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Awesome Things You Should Know Before Visiting London

1. Awesome Things 1
In 1814, after a vat ruptured, a wave of beer flooded the city killing 8 people. It is known as the London Beer Flood.
2. Awesome Things 2
Contrary to popular belief, Big Ben isn t a tower. The bell inside the tower is called Big Ben. The tower itself is actually called The Elizabeth Tower
3. Awesome Things 3
Chess boxing is an up and coming sport in London. Just like it sounds, players alternate between rounds of chess and round of boxing
4. Awesome Things 4
The Christmas tree on Trafalgar Square is given to the people of London every year by the people of Norway for their help during World War II
5. Awesome Things 5
An estimated half million mice live in the London Underground
6. Awesome Things 6
In 2008, when alcohol on public transport was about to be banned, passengers sat all day on the subway drinking beers right up until the ban started.
7. Awesome Things 7
The NYPD (New York Police Department) has officers stationed in London
8. Awesome Things 8
The organizers of the 2012 London Olympics wanted Keith Moon to be one of the acts. They realized only later that he had already been dead for more than three decades
9. Awesome Things 9
Ships of the Royal Navy that enter the Port of London are still required to give the Constable of the Tower a bottle of rum (according to laws that haven t been changed)
10. Awesome Things 10
A statue of George Washington in Trafalgar Square stands on soil that was imported from the US in order to honor the promise never to step foot on British soil again

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