astounding facts about the human body

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Astounding Facts about the human body

41. Astounding Facts 27
When we touch something, we send a message to our brain at 124 mph
42. Astounding Facts 28
We exercise at least 36 muscles when we smile.
43. Astounding Facts 29
We are about 70 percent water.
44. Astounding Facts 30
We make around 1 to 1.6 litres of saliva a day.
45. Astounding Facts 31
Our nose is our personal air conditioning system: it warms cold air, cools hot air and filters impurities.
46. Astounding Facts 32
?In one square inch of our hand we have nine feet of blood vessels, 600 pain sensors, 9000 nerve endings, 36 heat sensors and 75 pressure sensors.
47. Astounding Facts 33
We have copper, zinc, cobalt, calcium, manganese, phosphates, nickel and silicon in our bodies.
48. Astounding Facts 34
?It is believed that the main purpose of eyebrows is to keep sweat out of the eyes.
49. Astounding Facts 35
A person can expect to breathe in about 45 pounds of dust over his/her lifetime.
50. Astounding Facts 36
There are more living organisms on the skin of a single human being than there are human beings on the surface of the earth.

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