amazing nail art designs for beginners with styling tips

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Amazing Nail Art Designs For Beginners With Styling Tips

21. Glitter Gradient on Tips
Glitter gradients look very cool! You can get this look by painting your nails black and adding fuchia glitter nail paints using sponge on tips. When it get dries, apply top coat.
22. Glitter Gradient on Half moons
This looks so classy and chic. If you like this look, you can try this by painting your nails lavender and adding silver glitter using sponge on half moon area. You can also use dry glitter or glitter eye shadow by mixing it with clear nail paint.
23. Water Drops or Few Drops Nail Art
You can get this look by making maroon to purple gradient and apply matte topcoat over it, let it dry completely and then add dots of clear nail paint using toothpick at one side of your nail. Do not apply any top coat on them.
24. Digital Nail Art
These nail paint designs look very cool if done properly. To get this look paint your nails white and let them dry completely, now make black lines using black striper pen and fill some spaces with different colors and leave some spaces white. If needed draw black lines again to give neater look. When it dries completely apply fast drying top coat.
25. Feather Nail Art
Nowadays adding real feather to your nails is in very much trend.For this, paint your nails and put feather on your nail when the polish is still wet and wait for few minutes so that it get set. After that, trim your feather in nails shape and top coat your nails.

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