amazing nail art designs for beginners with styling tips

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Amazing Nail Art Designs For Beginners With Styling Tips

11. Pastel Burst Nail Art Design
Another simple nail art tutorial that you can get by doing more than one stripes on the nails.
12. Bow Nail Art Design
You can do this design using Dotting tools and Nail stickers. Another great Nail art design for Parties.
13. Caviar Nail Art Design
You can get the Caviar Nail art design by using beads and a fast drying top coat.
14. Leaf Nail Art Design
Another nail arts design for beginners, create this Holy Leaf nail art design using Rhinestones and glitter.
15. Christmas Nail Art Design
Use a Nail art brush to create the hat and beard to create this simple Christmas nail art. The rest of the nail paint is very simple.
16. Polka Dot Heart Nails
You can do this nail art design by painting your nails powder pink except ring finger. Paint your ring finger white and put polka dots using toothpick in heart shape.
17. Polka Dot Bow Nails
Bows are very much in trend and they look very pretty on your nails too. To get this look paint your nails blue and add polka dots using toothpick and make rhinestone bow on your ring finger. Stick rhinestones using nail glue. After it dries apply top coat.
18. Braided Nails
Doing this look is quite easy and with little patience you can get this right on your nails. For this choose three fast dry nail paints and overlap each color as shown in the picture and allow enough time in between to dry the layers and you are done.
19. Colored Rhinestone Half moons
Half moon nail arts always look classy!If you like this look, you can get it by painting your nails black and then adding different colors of rhinestones near the cuticle areas as shown in the picture and apply fast drying top coat.
20. Chocolate Nails
They are very easy to do. All you need is brown chocolate color nail paint and some embellishments like hearts (you can use broken hair clips) and fimo pieces. Stick them using nail glue. Also add golden glitter nail paint on your thumb and pinky.

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