accessories for savvy travelers

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Accessories For Savvy Travelers

Tech savvy travelers not only have to pack their essentials, but also their mobile devices.
1. Airport Express
Although originally the Airport Express was intended to extend the range of your Wi Fi network or play music out of remote speakers, it can also be used as a wireless base station whenever you are on the road. Just plug in the ethernet and you have your own private network.
2. Portable Solar Charger
Going on the road, one of the first things you will want to take with you is some extra power. Although lately there havent been many quality solar chargers, the Powermonkey eXplorer has a standby charge of up to one year, is built to withstand all sort of rough conditions, and is made to power almost everything in your arsenal.
3. Nyrius Translator
This Nyrius Translator will give you the most bang for your buck as it spits out phrases in 12 languages and fits right in your pocket.
4. Portable Notebook Lock
According to the statistics, every 53 seconds a laptop computer is stolen in the United States. This lightweight Kensington Notebook Lock will make sure that all of your data is safe when you are on the road.
5. Travel Charger and Power Adapter
These days it would be hard to go anywhere in the world if you couldnt plug in all of your gadgets and the Kensington Power Adapter allows you to do this easily with its lightweight universal charger.
6. Kindle
Rather than taking all of your books with you and weighing you down while trying to catch your flight, the Amazon Kindle will allow you to do all of your reading on one easy to use tablet.
7. Flip Mino
Probably the simplest, most easy to use camera ever invented, the Flip Mino comes with essentially one button
8. Portable DVD Player
With a big 8.5 inch diagonal screen and unparalleled battery life, this Panasonic Portable DVD Player will offer you 13 hours of your favorite films.
9. Playstation Portable
Although there are numerous travel gaming platforms out there to choose from, we tend to lean towards the PSP if only because of all its extra features. Not only can you play games and movies but it also comes equipped with Skype and pretty soon GPS as well.
10. MCamLite
No need to bring along all that clunky camera equipment to get a good shot. Simply pop your iPhone in the back of the MCamLite and start shooting. With a durable aluminum frame, 37mm wide angle macro/combo lens and 180 degree external mic its sure to make you, along with your shots, look like a pro.

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