100 places to visit in india

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Roopkund Lake

100 Places to visit in India

Roopkund Lake

The Himalayan region is blessed with several gorgeous high altitude lakes. But the one which catches the maximum attention is the Roopkund Lake, gorgeous, and shrouded in mystery. The lake is situated at a height of about 5,000 meters above sea level in Uttaranchals Chamoli District. During the summer season, when the ice melts in the lake, you can see several hundred corpses floating in the lake.
The skeletons of the corpses have been well preserved because f the cold climatic conditions. Scientific evidence suggests that the corpses date back to around 12th century, but nobody knows the real story behind the mass deaths. Roopkund Lake is probably the only place on earth which continues to be beautiful despite the presence of about hundred skeletons.

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