100 places to visit in india

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100 Places to visit in India

51. Vembanad Lake
A highlight of the state of Kerala is the Vembanad Lake. It is Indias longest and every year, it plays host to the coveted Nehru Trophy Boat Race. There are several resorts nestled on the banks of the lake, which are ideal for a romantic holiday in Kerala. You can spend your time here fishing, taking a relaxing boat ride, or even birdwatching. During the migratory season, the region is frequented by a quite a few different species of birds.
52. Bekal Fort
If you thought Kerala is only about natural beauty, the Bekal Fort will make you change your opinion. Spread across a sprawling 40 acres of land, the fort is the largest in the region. A large part of the fort is in dilapidated condition since the waves from the sea continually hit against the walls of the fort. However, despite that, it is a beautiful fort which tells you a lot about the old times. Unlike other forts in several parts of the country, the Bekal Fort was not an administrative centre. There are no palaces or halls within the fort. Instead, it was exclusively used to store ammunition and for defense purposes. A visit to the fort is somewhat a mystical experience, as you explore the abandoned passages of it. Do not miss the views of the town you get from the fort. They are mesmerizing, especially on an overcast day.
53. Golkonda Fort
If you interested in history, you must visit the Golkonda Fort in Andhra Pradesh. The fort dates back to the 13th century and was built during the reign of the Chalukayas. Spread across an area of 11 km, the fort is actually made up of four distinct forts. With massive gateways, intricate architecture and amazing gardens, the Golkonda Fort is a sight. A walk through the gardens of the fort takes you back in time when the royal class would have spent time in the beautiful surroundings.
54. Hampi
A UNESCO World Heritage Site and an important religious centre of the state of Karnataka is Hampi. The place was once an important part of the famed Vijayanagar Empire. There are some beautiful ruins to explore in Hampi, apart from several beautiful temples to pay a visit too. If you are the adventurous kind, you can spot a few waterfalls too here during the monsoon season. The laidback environment of Hampi makes it ideal for a relaxing holiday away from the madness.
55. Mysore Palace
You just cannot leave out Mysore when talking about beautiful places in India. The city is known for its royal palaces which date back to British times. One of the most important palaces of Mysore is the Mysore Palace. Also called the Amba Vilas Palace, it was originally constructed in the 14th century. However, several reconstructions were ordered in consequent years, the current version dating back to 1897. It is a Rajput style palace with elements of Muslim architecture and an unmistakable grandeur about it.
56. Kurinjal Peak
Located about 20 km from Kudremukh in Karnataka is the Kurinjal Peak, which is almost the same height as the Kudrenukh Peak itself. A part of Kudremukh National Park, the trek to the top of the peak takes you through evergreen forests. The region is blessed with plenty of flora and fauna. You can spot several animals during the trek, which include herds of elephants, Indian Bison and more. When taking the Kurinjal Peak Trek, dont miss out on a visit to Hanman Gundi which is known for its stunning waterfalls. There is also Bhagavati Nature Camp, which is an ideal camping location.
57. Hawa Mahal
Rajasthan has several palaces dating back to the royal times. One of the most prominent of the lot is the Hawa Mahal, located in the capital city of Jaipur. The palace was constructed in the form of Lord Krishnas crown. The fa
58. Umaid Bhawan
One of the highlights of Jodhpur is the Umaid Bhawan, an opulent palace which has now been converted into a plush hotel. Several parts of the palace are still open to the public, which give you a glimpse into the royal times. The construction of the palace was ordered in 1923 by Maharaja Umaid Singh in order to provide families with work and income during a time of drought and famine. The manicured lawns and the intricate architecture make the palace a sight to behold.
59. Jaisalmer Fort
Located in the city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is the Jaisalmer Fort, one of the largest forts in the world. The fort sits as a symbol of pride amidst the beautiful golden sands of the Thar Desert. There are quite a few Jain temples within the forts premises, apart from a Royal Palace, massive gateways and other highlights. The best way to visit the fort is to take a safari atop a beautifully decorated camel or elephant. In fact, a visit to Jaisalmer isnt complete without a quintessential desert safari atop a camel.
60. Chittorgarh Fort
Located close to Ajmer, Rajasthan is the Chittorgarh Fort, the largest of the country. The fort sits atop a hill and spreads across a sprawling 280 hectares of land. With its many beautiful palaces, temples and gateways, the fort attracts thousands of tourists every year. The seemingly abandoned surroundings add to the charm of the fort. Chittorgarh Fort also stands a symbol of national pride and honor. According to historical evidence, more than 13,000 men, women and children laid down their loves between the 10th and the 16th century in order to protect the city from enemies. That and much more make it one of the iconic monuments of Rajasthan.

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