100 places to visit in india

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100 Places to visit in India

91. Corbett National Park
Home to the Bengal Tiger of India, apart from several other wild animals, the park is one of the most frequented in India. Corbett is also the oldest national park of the country, dating back to 1936 when it was named the Hailey National Park. With its hilly terrain, riverines and grasslands, the park makes for a wonderful sight. It is also a habitat for a large number of different species of birds, thus satiating the needs of birdwatchers too.
92. Tsongmo Lake
Located in the eastern part of Sikkim, at an altitude of about 12,400 feet is the Tsongmo Lake. You pass this lake while trekking to Nathu La Pass, which lies at the Ind0 China border. Like other lakes of the Himalayan region, this one too is just gorgeous to say the least. You somehow fall in love with it from the moment you set your eyes on it. And unlike other lakes of the region, this one involves a relatively easier trek.
93. Yumthang Valley
Located in the northern part of Sikkim is the Yumthang Valley. It is a beautiful land where you can often see locals grazing their sheep. Situated at an altitude of about 14,000 feet, the valley is blessed with more than 20 species of beautiful rhododendrons during the summer season. A beautiful stream of river flows through the valley, adding to the charm of the place. While the valley remains closed in the winter months because of heavy snowfall, it is pure delight during the summer months. The best way to reach the valley is to reach Lachung and then take an early morning trip to the valley. Dont risk travelling late in the day, because the sun sets really quickly in this part of the country, and it gets foggy too.
94. Neermahal
Palaces in India are usual associated with the state of Rajasthan or the city of Mysore. However, located in the quaint and unexplored state of Tripura is a magnificent palace the Neermahal. The palace was built by King Bir Bikram Kishore in 1930. It is in the middle of Rudrasagar Lake, which gives the palace its name, literally translating to Water Palace. The palace is the only other water palace in India, the other being Jalmahal in Rajasthan. The magnificence of the architecture and the tranquility of the lake make the palace an absolute must visit when in Tripura.
95. Ujjayanta Palace
Another beautiful palace in the state of Tripura is the Ujjayanta Palace. The palace, located in the capital city of Agartala, was built by Maharaja Radha Manikya in 1901. The palace originally built by the king was located about 10 km away from the city of Agartala. However, after it was left in shambles by a strong earthquake, it was rebuilt in the center of the city in 1897. The palace covers an area of about 1 square kilometer and it is an important part of Tripuras history and culture. While the architectural style of the palace is not too rich, it still makes for a wonderful visit.
96. Baratang Island
Baratang Island is one of the main islands of Andaman and Nicobar. Of all the beautiful places in India, this one of probably the most eclectic. The island is known for its mud volcanoes, and it is the only region in India where mud volcanoes are found. The volcanoes are active and are known to erupt sporadically. The island is also known for its marine life, much like the rest of Andaman and Nicobar. There are quite a few diving spots in the island where you can go explore the rich marine life of the region. Andaman islands are home to some really exotic marine life including rare sea turtles and species of fish.
97. Trimbakheswar Temple
A sacred site for the Hindus is the Trimbakeshwar Temple in Nashik, Maharashtra. It is one of the 12 jyotirlingas in the country according to Hinduism. However, even if you keep religion aside, the temple stands out as being one of the several beautiful places of India. Located by the Godavari River, the temple has some amazing architecture to feats your eyes on. Visit it for blessings, or just to admire its architectural beauty, either way, it is awesome.
98. Markha Valley
Located between Zanskar Valley and the town of Leh is Markha Valley. With the peaks of Stok Kangri and Matho in the background, you can expect some scintillating views in the valley. A large part of the valley has barren and rugged landscape, which makes it an adventurous trek in Ladakh. The valley is also inhabited by some really rare species of animals such as blue sheep and Ibex. If you are lucky, you can even spot the snow leopard in the valley. The best time for a trek through this gorgeous valley would be between the months of May and September, when the temperatures are relatively comfortable.
99. Manali
Manali is the twin destination of romance and adventure in India. At a height of about 2050 meters above sea level, you can choose to enjoy the serenity of the destination or get thrilled by several adventure opportunities in the land. If you are looking for romance in the hills, head to Solang Valley, which is a little distance away from the main city of Manali. And if you are looking for adventure, there is paragliding, zorbing and so much more to be done here.
100. Wagah Border
Forget the changing of guard routine in London. The Wagah border ceremony is much more interesting. As the sun goes down, the retreat ceremony at this India Pakistan border begins. Bugles are sounded from both the sides, which could easily blow the air out of your lungs if you try it; guards from both the sides stomp their feet as hard as possible, trying to get one up over each other. It is as exciting as watching the last ball of a India Pakistan cricket match.

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